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12 Volt solar Panel

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  • 12 Volt solar Panel

    I have 2 small 12 volt (1 watt) solar panels that I have connected in parallel and hook up to my ATV battery while it is in storage. I measured the voltage at about 19vdc on a sunny day. what effect will this have on my 12vdc battery? It has a built-in overcharge/discharge protection but I was worried about the higher voltage.

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    Re: 12 Volt solar Panel

    is that measured with the battery hooked up or just measuring the open current of the solar panel?

    if it is open current, I would not be concerned, but if that is with the battery hooked up you will soon boil the battery out of water, and fry the battery,

    my guess is that was just measuring the leads, as it take a fairly good charger to build up that kind of voltage, pushing it through a battery, and I do not think a few amp charger could do that,

    the battery charging voltage probably should not be any over 14,5 and better if closer to 13.8 or so volts when the unit is actually charging the battery, (hooked up to the battery)
    to maintain the battery a voltage of about 13.2 to 13.3 would most likely be ideal.

    (there is a process called "equalizing" in which a high charge rate is use to build all cells back up to there maximum potential), but is used for short periods of time a few times a year at most, (more info below in links below)
    and equalization charge is in the in the 15 to 15.5 volt range for a "12 volt battery"

    just some general information on charging lead acid batteries,
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