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100 to 200amp upgrade?

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  • 100 to 200amp upgrade?

    I have a 20 year old home in west burbs of Chicago. I have called Commonwealth Edison and they have told me all homes in my neighborhood were supplied with > 200 amp service, this was a while ago but I think they said 208 amp. My load center main breaker is labeled as 100 amp.

    I was apparently hoodwinked by my builder 20 years ago as I believe the specs said 200 amp service was installed in the home. Not sure after 20 years I have recourse with builder. Would it be a major deal to upgrade to a new 200 amp panel if 200 amp infrastructure is already present?


    I want to add a 60 amp sub panel to my attached garage to power my home beer brewery. I want to move from propane fired burners to electric heated vessels using 5500W 220V water heater elements. This is a common practice for many all electric home brewers. Sub panel questions to follow..... see The Electric Brewery for an excellent example

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    Re: 100 to 200amp upgrade?

    Even if the power company did run their cables to supply 200 amps, the only way you can upgrade is make sure the cable from the top of the mast, into the meter, and on to the panel are rated at 200 amps.

    Pics and the type and size wire feeding everything helps a lot.


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      Re: 100 to 200amp upgrade?

      The power company, in this area anyway runs #2 wire from the pole to the weatherhead. This is sufficient for 200 amps because the power company's wire is hanging in "free air" and is capable of handling 200 amps without damaging the wire's insulation. From the weatherhead down, you would need 4/0 aluminum service entrance cable, a new meter socket rated for 200 amps and 4/0 AL wire from the meter socket to the panel. In other words, a service change.


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        Re: 100 to 200amp upgrade?

        if it was my house i would put in 3/0 copper. in fact i only use al for overhead or direct burial. just me. breid...........