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  • Shared neutral

    I am not a fan of shared neutrals. My house has a few that use the same neutral between two opposite poles. Even so, I try to rewire the shared neutrals out when I get an excuse.

    My question involves a newfangled combination overhead light fixture/vent fan that I'm putting in my current renovation project, the laundry room. I want to wire this so that the fan and the light are controlled by separate wall switches. That way, I can leave the fan running and turn the lights off. My plan is to run 14-3w/g to the fan/light, sharing the neutral between fan and light but hooking red and black wires to different single pole switches, and remarking the red wire to black. The same hot will feed both switches. I don't see any safety issue with this (enlighten me if I'm wrong) since the fixture can also be wired to have both functions controlled by a one single pole switch. My question is, is this ok per NEC, since the feed to each switch is on the same pole? In this case I like using the 14-3 since I end up with one less neutral and one less ground at both the switch and the fixture compared to running two 14-2's.

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    Re: Shared neutral

    Not a problem at all.
    This is how you wire ceiling fans to hve control over the lights and the fan.
    The red wire does not have to be remrked to black as it is considered hot anyway.

    There is nothing wrong with shared neutral circuits.
    Your house is a shared neutral circuit!


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      Re: Shared neutral

      Yes sir, that's how you would do it. And I wouldn't worry at all about shared neutrals - it's done like that everywhere and not a problem in any way.
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        Re: Shared neutral

        I've no idea why this thread has been duplicated...

        But thanks to all for your comments. The 14-3 is in and doing the job.


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          Re: Shared neutral

          JUST FOR THE RECORD...... a neutral wire anywhere in a circuit fed from the same breaker regardless of how many items are on the neutral is not considered a shared neutal. In your situation where you feed a light and a fan with seperate switches on the same neutral is NOT a shared neutral circuit. A shared neutral circuit is one that shares a neutral between 2 seprate feeds derived from 2 different phases. Even in this situation it still is legal....BUT!! The 2 seperate feeds must be seperated on the 2 different phases at the panel or else the neutral will be overloaded. When done correctly the neutral only carries the unbalanced current between the 2 circuits, therefore the neutral will never be overloaded.