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  • Booster cables

    I`m going to make myself a set of booster cables and i`m not sure of the wire size to go with?

    I have a 750 cold cranking amps battery and i want my cables to be 30' feet long.

    Not sure if I need #1 or 2 or even 2 ot wire? I was thinking of buying some of that stranded welding cable??


    Thanks in advance fellas!

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    Re: Booster cables

    the bigger you can afford the better they will be, your dealing with 12 volts and voltage drop is fast if your pulling 150 to 200 amps, I would suggest the welding cable as well, or equivalent,

    amp chart for welding cable, but remember the voltage on a welder is higher than a car battery,

    check this voltage drop calculator it has 12 volt calculations,
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      Re: Booster cables

      Get a couple pieces of old welding lead and put some clamps on them and you should be set.
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        Re: Booster cables

        Wow some great info here guys!

        thx for your expertise!