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Suction and blowing fan motor

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  • Suction and blowing fan motor


    I have a double gang box at the wall with 3 pairs of wires. three black, 3 white.
    I double switch (fan suction switch and light switch)
    I single switch for heater coming on and then fan comes on to blow air and a indicator light above it.

    In the ceiling is an old Nutone heater/ fan blower, fan suction and light fixture all in one.(cannot find model number)

    In the wall junction box:
    One pair for light. 14 gauge
    One pair for fan (suction) 14 gauge
    One pair for heater/fan blower 12 gauge

    I've replaced old switches and cannot duplicate the fan blowing air when heater is flipped on. I can flip other switch to turn fan on but it sucks air out of the room, not blowing downward to blow hot air into bathroom.

    I'm ignorant on how the fan can reverse direction, how do I hook the wires to duplicate the fan blowing when heater comes on.

    Thanks for the appreciated help.
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    Re: Suction and blowing fan motor

    All the combo units I have seen have two separate blowers, one for the heater and one for exhaust. The heater blower usually turns on with the element, some have a sensor to turn on the blower after the element warms up


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      Re: Suction and blowing fan motor

      wbrooks, thanks for input, I'll research more so.