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  • Two questions sub panel feeder cable new member

    I was browsing this forum and liked what I read/pics etc, and thought I might ask a question The only license I have is a drivers license. I am what you might call a dedicated DIY'er in many areas, I'll let you decide.
    Currently I am wiring an outbuilding sub panel, a distance of about 26'
    building to building, and about 46' of wire total from panel to panel
    The set up using Square D equipment is 40 amp double pole 240v breaker
    feeding 40 amp breaker in sub panel.
    I have two choices to wire feeder cable.( Choice #1) 6 AWG 3w+ gnd aluminum Teck from panel to panel buried 18"(local code). (Choice #2)
    6 AWG 3 w +gnd NMD - 90 copper from panel to junction box inside exterior wall with splice to aluminum Teck runing through PVC LB through trench to outbuilding.
    The junction box would be accessable through suspended ceiling??, and the reason for the junction box would be ease of future siding and insulation changes. I have read about safety before future.
    So is a junction box permitted with access through suspended ceiling, and is the whole junction thing a reasonable or less than acceptable idea?
    Thanks for viewing and any comments

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    Re: Two questions sub panel feeder cable new member

    Hi JB and welcome to the forum. Lots of really good people here with knowledge beyond one's wildest dreams. I see you are in Canada. While the codes may be different there on some aspects (and I know there are differences), I am going to guess that they're pretty close on the access to a J-box question. Here in the states, if you have a removable (anything) like a wooden panel, a drop ceiling, a swinging door, etc., you're OK according to the code. You can even build a very nice custom cabinet surrounding your main breaker panel as long as you maintain the 3-foot work space rule in front of it and can pull new wires into it and from the sides. I can't tell you how many times I've had to place access panels over a J-box for access. This is obviously a safety concern and an issue for anyone following you at a later date and updating wiring. They want the next sparky to be able to find the J-box and make all the updates and junctions according to code. While you cannot ever bury a j-box behind plaster or a drywall ceiling (and Yes, I have found these more than I care to remember), you CAN place a j-box in an attic if there is access to the attic and the box is mounted so you can easily find it. This is even glossed over sometimes and the j-boxes get buried in insulation, but as long as it can be located it will pass. So you should be fine with a j-box behind a ceiling panel.
    Hope this helps.
    Jim Don
    PS Ask more if unclear or you don't follow completely, remember there are no stupid questions.


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      Re: Two questions sub panel feeder cable new member

      Thanks for the welcome and the reply. As you mentioned Canadian codes
      do require access to junction boxes, and as far as I can tell I would be OK with regards to the grid or dropped ceiling.
      I haven't eliminated the possibility of a JB but am favouring a continuous
      run from panel to panel using AL direct burial feeder cable. I think the JB may
      be of little benefit, because once the AL is pulled up to where the box would be accessable, I might just as well continue to the panel in one run.
      Thanks again