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  • multimeter blew

    hi all, i have a question. i multimeter blew a fuse, but i am not sure if i should replace the fuse or if the pcb board is fried. the meter is a ideal 61-360 when i touch the leads it doesnt make a ring noise anymore. how can i be sure if i replace the fuse it will fix the problem and that the pch isnt fired? when i saw the pcb all is green and there isnt any burn marks

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    Re: multimeter blew

    If you are sure that the fuse is blown, just replace the fuse and see if it works once again. You don't mention what you were doing with the meter that caused the fuse to blow, so I can only presume that it was some minor current or voltage problem and not something more drastic that could have arc'd past the fuse.

    The fuse is there to protect the circuit board and components and hopefully that is what has happened.

    Sorry this is not more helpful,



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      Re: multimeter blew

      don't forget to unplug the component being worked on and be sure any residual voltage is drained off from any large caps in the circuit.

      Also verify the type of measurement and range your meter is set to take, ie, meter is on volts not resistance or continuity check if you are looking to measure voltage.

      If you let all the smoke out of your meter it might be best to just get another one. This time get a cheaper one so you won't feel so much pain in your wallet the next time you smoke it.
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        Re: multimeter blew

        Replacing the fuse is probably all that's needed to fix your meter. There are a couple of points to be aware of:
        • Many meters have two fuses, one that protects the +V input, and a larger (10 A typically) fuse on the 10A input. Be sure you replace the right fuse.
        • Multimeters use special fast-acting fuses which are designed to safely interrupt very large currents. These fuses are fairly expensive and may be hard to find. Don't try to substitute a cheaper fuse.


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          Re: multimeter blew

          Heh, I remember blowing a fuse on my fluke multimeter once. I had the dial set to amperage instead of voltage, DOH!!

          Sure enough, when I put the leads into an outlet, BOOM!
          Lesson learned, current reading turn the meter into a short circuit.

          Replace the fuse with an identical one, then try again. Also, if whatever fault that happened to cause the fuse to blow, may have damaged the leads as well, so it might be a good idea to purchase new leads as well. I had to replace the leads to my meter recently, and now it works like the day I bought it.