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  • Quartz Infrared Heating

    I plan to install 5 Quartz Infrared Strip heaters from a 80 to 100 amp.
    rated knife switch, controled with a single thermostat or lo-hi controler.
    Each heater is rated at 3000 watts with a 12.5 amp load. Total watts
    is 15KW, and load is 62.5 amps. Am I correct in running 5 separate 12-2 wires from the knife switch lugs to each heater, and wiring the thermostat
    or controler off the main lug of the switch?
    What size and type of controler and transformer should I use and how is it wired in? Also, I would rather use a simple lo/ high controler since a thermostat would never achieve set temp. with a thermostat. The knife switch is to be fed off an 80 amp 2-pole breaker in the main panel.
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    Re: Quartz Infrared Heating

    NO! You CANNOT run five separate 12/2's from the lugs of a knife switch.
    You will need to feed a sub-panel then from five separate 2p20 amp breakers run your five 12/2.

    You need to switch all five heaters at the same time? You will need a 100A relay or contactor switched by a thermostat.
    Why do you think you need a transformer? What would it be for?


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      Re: Quartz Infrared Heating

      Speedy Petey,
      Thanks for the info. Dumb me, as soon as you said it, I realized I had to have the 5 2-pole breakers, or each unit would be overfused as well as
      not to code standards. The need for the transformer was because my friend wants to be able to turn on the system via his smart phone and said he needed a low voltage method of doing that. Not familiar with that
      myself. Do you know if it can be done through a relay or contactor? My
      other original question was can a low to high setting switch be used in
      lieu of a thermostat?

      Thanks again