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Hide puck light 18AWG zipcord in kitchen cabinets?

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  • Hide puck light 18AWG zipcord in kitchen cabinets?

    Just mounted a 5-puck light set on the bottom of our kitchen cabinets to illuminate the counter beneath.

    Wife dislikes the TWO three-outlet extension cord "heads" into which the puck lights plug.
    (Onextension cord plugs into an outlet.
    Into it plug the second extension cord and two puck lights.
    The three remaining puck lights plug into the second extension cord.)

    Can I drill a hole largenough for the 18AWG zipcord, run the wires up into the cabinets and plug them into their extension cords INSIDE THE CABINETS?

    The plugs can easily be removed, zipcord cut and plugs reattached. (These plugs cut into the zipcord insulation and make contact with the stranded copper wire.)

    Or, can I legally splice zipcord and extend the wires under the cabinets to the extension cord heads in a corner?

    Any other ideas?

    Thank you.

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