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GFCI Electrical Specifications

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  • GFCI Electrical Specifications

    I wonder if anyone here can answer this - does the NEC specify the operating parameters of a GFCI. For example what amount of ground fault current should cause the GFCI to trip, how quickly should it trip etc.

    This is actually a work related question - I'm developing a product that requires a GFCI as part of the product.

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    Re: GFCI Electrical Specifications

    Blue, not too sure about the NEC specifics, but I am sure that the fault current for injury protection is in milli amps.Seems like 5 ma to 30 ma.



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      Re: GFCI Electrical Specifications

      the NFPA, who authors the NEC, is the body you are looking for I think.

      4 to 6 mA is the trip point for a GFCI. There are testers that you plug in to the outlet and can ramp up the leakage current in 1 mA increments to verify the trip point. /between 4 & 6 mA pases, outside the range fails. The Hubbell Model: GFT2G (~$250.00) or the Greenlee Model: 5708 (~$200) are two that I can think of right off.

      There are also cheaper testers with a push button that will trip the GFI, but you'll have no indication as to when, and they are not accepted by OSHA as an appropriate test of a GFIs operability under 29CFR1910 or 1926.
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