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Are Ridgid generators safe for LCD TVs?

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  • Are Ridgid generators safe for LCD TVs?

    I'm considering buying a Ridgid 8000 generator and back feeding it into my house for emergency power during power outages. Is it safe to operate TVs (LCD) and other electronics with this type generator. I know it's better to use an inverter type generator but I don't want to go to that expense. I mainly want to power a few lights, wood heater fan, and well pump, I could do without TV and computers if I had to.

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    Re: Are Ridgid generators safe for LCD TVs?

    I have a generator and also backfeed my house with it. Never had a problem with electronics or any thing else for that matter. Sure is nice to have when ya need it.



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      Re: Are Ridgid generators safe for LCD TVs?

      You could feed each of your sensitive devices through a quality ups that has Power Conditioning AND AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation). This means not just supplies backup power during an outage but 24/7 protection of your equipment from voltage drops(brownouts) and spikes. It will also maintain frequency at 60 cycles (+/-1). Expect to pay at least $350 for a UPS of this type.

      I hope you have sized your generator correctly because a well pump, unless its a small one, will draw considerable current on startup which will momentarily result in a voltage drop to all equipment running at the time. For computers and other sensitive equipment repeated (every time the pump starts) drops like this are killers. This is another reason to use a UPS to protect electronic equipment like your LCD TV and computers.

      I prefer APC products as I have had good luck with them over the past 15 years. I guess there are others just as good but of the 20 or so APC UPSs I have bought, none have ever failed me nor have they failed to protect my equipment. Years ago I worked on the SETI project and I had a small farm of a dozen computers crunching data 24/7 at my home. I was the lead of the Ham Radio Operators team, about 45 of us at that time. I used APC UPSs to protect my server and all the client machines in my shack, they ran for close to 5 years and never failed from a power event. I did have a couple motherboards and hard drives bite the dust but not due to power problems. I didn't want to run the new client software that UC Berkley brought out (BOINC), so I dropped out and passed the baton to another Ham to lead the team. My electric bill went down considerably when I shut down all those computers.
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        Re: Are Ridgid generators safe for LCD TVs?

        Thats why I bought the generator. For TV, computer and hot water.
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