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Electromode baseboard heater wiring instructions

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  • Electromode baseboard heater wiring instructions

    I am a new user and I need help wiring a junction box heater. This heater has a thermostat and it controls a second heater in another room. There are two sets of 12 gauge coming out of the wall. The thermostat has a blue, a yellow and a black wire plus two small red and yellow T wires that connect to screws T1 and T2. The heater side of the baseboard has two sets of black wires... two at the top and two at the bottom. One black from each is already wired together. Everything else was disconnected by the person who removed the heater and did not create a wiring diagram when he removed it. The heater is an Electromode and is quite old. I am the superintendent of an apartment building that was built in 1966 so I figure the heater is as old as that. Hope someone can help