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  • Sub Panel Location

    I need to replace an old sub panel in my garage & I have a question on it's location!
    The old sub panel is currently in the corner of a the wall next to the main garage door, with the side entrance door opening in front of the sub panel! Would this be considered as blocking the 30” X 36” “working space”
    Is there a common interpretation of code with respect to whether a panel can be located such that a door can swing into the panel clearance space.
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    Re: Sub Panel Location

    No, you're clear.


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      Re: Sub Panel Location

      That's what I was hoping for!
      I could move it to the other side of the entrance door if needed, But there's a workbench with over head cabinets there.
      I just added a 3HP air compressor to the garage and along with my woodworking equipment there's just enough room for “Her Car” Everything is pretty much on wheels & is stored against the walls or is up on shelves.