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  • bathroom exhaust fan

    Can I run a bathroom exhaust and tie it in to a dryer vent?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: bathroom exhaust fan

    sure. what you can not get is me to do it. breid.................


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      Re: bathroom exhaust fan

      Not sure what the code says about this, but it is not a good idea. I did it once and it ruined my bathroom fan. There is alot of moisture in the dryer exhaust and any feedback to the bath fan will rust it out when the moisture condenses.


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        Re: bathroom exhaust fan

        not allowed by the mechanical code.
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          Re: bathroom exhaust fan

          I am thinking you should run it out seperately ..There is a way to do it right ..I'm sure
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            Re: bathroom exhaust fan

            I have a rental unit where the previous owner did this.
            Got a complaint from the tenant that it took forever for
            the clothers to dry. I looked up at the exterior vent
            with the dryer running and could see the flapper wasn't
            even moving. Climbed up on a ladder and discovered that
            the vent had a screen to keep pests out. This would be fine
            for a bathroom fan, but with the dryer it was clogged with lint.
            I cut out the screen and cleaned the duct and haven't had a
            problem since. I'm not saying to combine the duct work, just
            passing along my experience.


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              Re: bathroom exhaust fan

              i think he is looking to use a dryer vent cap for his exhaust fan

              there are vent caps that look close to a dryer vent but it does not have a flapper ,it just has a screen over the end

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