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Problems with Generator Cable RD6800

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  • Problems with Generator Cable RD6800

    I have been using a Rigid 6800 generator. Works great.

    I tried to connect the generator to a well pump. Electrician installed a connection to the pump
    and provided a12 ft L14-20 cable and socket on the well. It was inspected.

    However, the generator has an L14-30 socket.

    The odd thing is that Rigid provided a beautiful Orange cable with L14-20 connectors.

    What is the best way to proceed? Is there a convertor?

    Why would rigid supply a cable that is incompatible?

    Would there be a problem with me replacing the connector on the well?

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    Re: Problems with Generator Cable RD6800

    Remove the remote panel.
    Disconnect the remote panel's round plug.
    Bingo, there's your 20A socket.
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      Re: Problems with Generator Cable RD6800

      Thanks I struggled with this for several hours, and of course, RTFM
      or teach a man to fish. I now know the difference between L14-20 and L14-30

      I found it on page 10

      The following single phase, 60 Hz outlets on the control panel
      can be used for operating appropriate equipment, electrical
      lighting, tools, and motor loads: 2 x 120 Volt duplex GFCI 20
      Amp receptacles, and one 240 Volt AC, 30 Amp receptacle.

      A 240 Volt AC, 20 Amp receptacle plugged into the side of
      the removable control panel is available when the panel is