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3 way switch with pilot

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  • 3 way switch with pilot

    Having trouble figuring out how to install 3-way switch with pilot, and getting it to work properly. I have a 3 way switch in my mud room that controls my garage lighting. Its always being left on. I want the pilot so I can see that the garage lights are on or off without opening the door.

    Here is the switch path.

    1) The 3-way switch in the mudroom comes right up from the circuit breaker (line side)

    from there

    2) Travelers and neutral to 4-way switch in garage

    from there

    3) Travelers and neutral to 3-way switch in garage (load side) and then up to lights

    I understand how to wire a 3-way pilot switch at the load side. But how do you wire it at the line side? The line side is always hot, which would keep the pilot constantly on. What am I missing?



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    Re: 3 way switch with pilot

    I think the Pilot Light on your switch is either to light the handle so that you can see it in the dark or you can only use it as the switch where the load is connected. If you provide the type, manufacturer and model# of the switch, I may have a better answer.