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L14 plugs on #8 cable

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  • L14 plugs on #8 cable

    My RD6800 has L14 30amp socket and I want to use #8 cable because my well pump is 50' deep so im concerned about voltage drop at that length.

    Is it ok to connect #8 to L14 plugs? Any preconnected #8 cables I come across are connected to L15. Will L15 fit an L14 socket?

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    Re: L14 plugs on #8 cable

    as long as your getting proper voltage to the well head the depth of it should not matter, as the well installer should have put in large enough wire to deal with the depth of the well for the pump for voltage drop, so your concern should be to the well head, in this instance,

    your start up is where your going to suffer, (small generators usually do not have the "extra" to keep the voltage, frequency and amps, up when the electric motor is starting) some motors can pull 4 to 6 times the running loads, even on larger generators (I have a 30kw unit) and I can get lights dimming some when I click on some tools in the shop, and you can hear the load of the engine change as it deals with the start up load, on the small generator, some times it really can bog down, the governors try to adjust and they do adjust fast but it does have a small lag time,

    jsut an example,
    think of going up a hill, and comparing a large over the road semi (grid) to a small lawn tractor with a wagon (home generator), when you add an extra few hundred pounds which one is going to notice the load more,

    If the wires will fit in the plug OK I do not see a problem

    the way I wired up the small generator, is I use a generator cord, and in to the special box that has the reverse plug in it and then hard wired the rest, so I use a 10 foot or so generator cord to a generator socket and then it was hard wired to the transfer switch,
    Reliance Raintight Power Inlet Box — 30 Amp | Transfer Switches | Northern Tool + Equipment
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      Re: L14 plugs on #8 cable

      Yes, you can put #8 on an L14 cord end.
      NO, an L15 will not fit an L14 receptacle.


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        Re: L14 plugs on #8 cable

        Thanks for the replies. I ordered the cable last night. $221 for 100' and free shipping. You guys can probably get it cheaper but after nearly a full day of hunting around for good prices that was the cheapest I could find.


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          Re: L14 plugs on #8 cable

          Thanks for the help....................Appreciate it