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ground conductor

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  • ground conductor

    Got another question on sub panel. Sub panel is in a out building I ran 4 conductor from the main panel
    2voltage legs 1 ground and one neutral. In the sub panel the ground bar is isolated from the neutral. Since there is no isolated ground bar in the main panel I assume the ground conductor is not hooked up at either end. Am I right or wrong? Or do I have to sink a new ground rod at the main panel and hook it directly to the ground conductor. Not sure what the NEC says about this. Thanx Richard
    Forgot to say I have two 8' driven ground rods down at the sub panel with bare #6
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    Re: ground conductor

    In your main panel it is not necessary to separate the grounds and neutrals. You should have at least one driven ground rod at your main panel location. Your 4 conductor feed to the sub panel shall have 2 hot legs in a properly sized two pole breaker, and the neutral and ground tied into the neutral/ground bus bar in the main panel. You didn't mention whether you used a main breaker or a main lug panel in the out building but you need a means to disconnect so the main breaker panel would be the way to go. The grounding conductor from the main panel would be tied into the isolated ground bar in the sub panel as will all the grounds from your branch circuits and the neutrals will all be tied into the isolated neutral bar. Of course, don't install the green bonding screw in the neutral bus bar.


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      Re: ground conductor

      I have a snap in breaker in the main panel to fuse the wires going to the sub panel and a main breaker in the sub panel to protect branch circuits. I will connect the ground wire to the neutral bar in the main panel and to the ground bar in the sub panel. Thank You Richard


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        Re: ground conductor

        You also need to connect the isolated ground bar in the sub panel to a driven ground rod.


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          Re: ground conductor

          One end of the grounding conductor is also connected to the basically exposed conductive parts of any appliance, and also the other end is connected to the main grounding terminal which in turn, and also is connected to the main neutral conductor.
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