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  • 230 volts/120volts

    Hello all out there,
    Just joined this forum, looking forward to info. you all will provide. Ok heres goes,(I'm a bit slow, elect. and me don't get along). Want to replace a elect. motor to my air comp. all specs. match the old motor, except the volts: the old one operated on 120/240 this new one is 230 volts only, will this new one work on this comp? If it will, can someone give me wiring info. asap. note: if any of you are wondering why didn't I buy a 120/240 motor, the new one was really low price; money is tight.

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    Re: 230 volts/120volts

    Can we assume the old one was wired for 120v?
    120/240v motors are not both 120 & 240v like a dryer or range. They are either 120v or 240v.

    If the old one was 120v, AND on a dedicated circuit, you can change the circuit to 240v. If the old one was on a circuit shared with anything, you cannot do that and must run a new circuit.

    Reply back with some more details.
    Existing circuit: Voltage? Amerage? Wire size, type and number of conductors?


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      Re: 230 volts/120volts

      Voltage can be stated as rated voltage (exact voltage rating of equipment) or, nominal voltage (ballpark supply voltage usually slightly higher) The 230v rating is OK because you will feed it with a nominal voltage of 240v.
      Make sure motor has exact same specs such as internal overload protection. This is very important. You wont save much if you burn down your house.
      Tell us the colors/markings on the motor leads also. (L1, L2....