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  • Low service drop

    Was doing some repairs on a neighbors home when My allum ladder clanked on the overhead service drop! My fault ,was parked in driveway unloading 20' allum. ladder off of racks. Then I see new drop and service up grade. 6 months ago She had old zinsco panel{ 1958] upgraded and P.G&E ran new drop. I measure off driveway and It's only 9'6"! Nice neat work but they should have installed a new mast. I then noticed there was another foot available on the mast . I loosened clamp and rose it up. She now has 10' 6" of clearance , but not the 12' Min from the PG&E Green book I have. How is it that Elec. , PG&E , Elec. Inspector let this go by ?
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