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sub panel in garage

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  • sub panel in garage

    I have new 100 amp sub panel in my detached garage this is being fed from the 200amp disconnect which is on a pole as this is a mobile home my question is concerning the ground and neutrals i know if i was running them from a panel in a house the main panel that the ground and neautrals must be seperated and a ground rod used at the garage sub. My question is from this disconnect should they still be seperate and ground rod used or should they be seperate in both the 200amp disconnect box and the garage or together in both. didnt really think about it being a mobile home 200amp disconnect until i got ready to hook it up i have installed a 50 amp breaker in the 200amp disconnect panel and pulled 4 8ga thhn wires in conduit 25 feet to garage just kinda stumped about the ground and neautral situation i searched this site and the net most info i could find was on a sub fed from the main in the house not a disconnect on pole feeding house and garage thanks in advance for your help