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  • Dimmable LEDs

    Last Winter I got on the LEED bandwagon & installed LED can lights w/ the appropriate dimmer switch.

    After growing accustomed to the light quality, they aren't bad.

    So, just last week the adjacent room got the same treatment although w/ lesser wattage units.

    Both light "banks" are on separate circuits, switches are back to back.

    Here's the thing-now, both sets of cans flicker if either is dimmed at all. I'm wondering if there may be some type of interference created between the two switches? Also curious if anybody else has experienced this.

    None of he other lights sources in either room are affected.

    I'd like to recommend the LED option to all my customers, but this issue gives me pause.

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    Re: Dimmable LEDs

    So just to be sure I understand the installation, you have two dimmers mounted in a double box each controlling a different lighting circuit and when you dim one it affects the other circuit. Is the second circuit affected if it's at full power or only when dimmed? Is there a level of lighting where the first dimmer does not affect the second. In other words say at 50% does the interference stop? Is the problem reciprocal in that the same issue is present and the second dimmer affects the first in the same way?
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      Re: Dimmable LEDs

      J-boxes are on opposite side of a wall, "back to back", separate circuits. At full power only neither flicker, one or both dimmed any amount causes both to flicker so, yes, reciprocal.

      I am thinking something like radio interference.

      I have not tried relocating the dimmer yet; don't know anyone else using these.


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        Metal shielding?

        Originally posted by Bldr View Post
        "back to back", separate circuits. one or both dimmed any amount causes both to flicker...
        I am thinking something like radio interference.
        Yes. Radio interference.
        Can you shield each from one another?

        Would be nice if you had grounded metal receptacle boxes.

        I would apply aluminum foil to all the surfaces inside the boxes and ground the foil. Multiple layers is fine. Allow no holes so that there is no leakage.
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          Re: Metal shielding?

          Nobody else is/has experienced this with LEDs?


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            Re: Metal shielding?

            Try Lutron LED/CFL dimmers with HED technology. They wont flicker and you can dim them down further than some other brands. I have experienced what you are talking about and these seem to do the trick for me.