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Do I need an Electrical Inspection?

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  • Do I need an Electrical Inspection?

    I have an older home 1910 (roughly) and recently I had the electrical panel upgraded from two 100 amp meter/panels (house use to be a duplex) to one 200amp panel. That work was done and inspected so everything is fine there.

    My question is in regards to updating the old wiring to new wiring. I had a fair bit of Knob and Tube as well as some questionable wiring in the house. After the panel was switched out I redid the house from top to bottom and replaced 80% of the wiring leaving the last %20 pretty much alone after I inspected it. The %20 was in a new addition (30 years old) as well as the dryer and stove receptacles which have tested and looks fine etc.

    The work that was done included:
    Removing all knob and tube from the second floor, running new wiring from the panel box to the attic and back down from the attic to each room, also taking the 4 bedrooms and bathroom and putting each of those rooms on their own breakers (use to be one breaker for the whole upstairs.)

    Removed all the outlets in the basement (unfinished basement) and ran new wire as well as breaking the basement up into 6 circuits with two of those being dedicated circuits for the deepfreeze and water softener/sump pump. Each circuit has 2 to 3 outlets each. Put the basement lights on new wiring and it's own circuit.

    Main floor rooms have all been put on their own circuits. Kitchen has been broken up into 4 circuits with the fridge, dishwasher being put on their own circuits. GFI receptacles were installed where applicable etc.

    I've replaced most of the receptacle boxes and junctions boxes, I've also inspected and cleaned up the wiring which didn't need changing but was a bit sloppy, not secured properly to beams, to much left over wire sagging down etc. I even removed a few circuits which made no sense to me, for example I found a dedicated circuit which lead me to a receptacle inside the cold air return. I believe the previous home owner use to use it for a phone they had hanging on the wall in that area.

    So as you can see there has been a large amount of changes to the electrical here in the house, I'm not a licensed electrician but do know electrical. My question is, as the home owner working on my own residence do I now need an electrical inspection after the work is done? I live in Ontario Canada.

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    Re: Do I need an Electrical Inspection?

    If you have everything open, you are not grandfathered in, at least here in the states. Do you have smoke detectors in all applicable locations? Do you need to install arc fault breakers? Are GFCI receptacles required in your basement and bathrooms? Do you need exhaust fans in the bathrooms? I would get it inspected. There is nothing wrong with you doing the work on your own home, but not being an electrician you may not be familiar with all the nuances of the Canadian electrical code. It's better to get it inspected now and make the corrections if necessary. In the states it would be required and you'll have that vital stamp of approval if you ever go to sell the place.


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      Re: Do I need an Electrical Inspection?

      What can I expect during an inspection? With everything wired and covered what do I need to do to make life easier for them? Also if the inspector finds any issues does he put in an order to have anything fixed in a set time period? I know there will be some issues such as the Arc Fault Breakers for the bedroom, I know I need them and they are on my list of things to do but they cost $80 each x 4. Not a ton of money but I've already spent $2500 the past month and a half getting the panel box updated and approximately another $1000 on wire, boxes, switched, gfi switches etc. I don't mind updating things such as those breakers etc but I have to manage the cost over a period of time. If the inspector were to come in and say, this is what is wrong, $2000, you have two weeks to do it than that wouldn't be good at all.

      Thanks for the reply, I've been looking into it and I'm going to get the inspection done. Nothing wrong with having someone check it over and point out any areas that will make my home safer.

      The smoke detectors I have are battery operated and not hard wired, I had the fire department in and they said everything was good in that regard. I have one in the basement, one at the main floor stairs and three upstairs.
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        Re: Do I need an Electrical Inspection?

        Where I live a DIY has plenty of time probable 6 months or longer. I do now a guy who never completed his final to this day. If you go threw all that trouble why not complete it. I would hold of until you collect most of the pricey stuff you now will get flagged.

        You are required to have the permits before starting a job. They most likely will won't to see in the walls all sow.
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          Re: Do I need an Electrical Inspection?

          I have a similar home here in NY State. Mine was built in 1887 and most of the electrical has been upgraded at various times. Indications (educated guesses about the boxes and wiring types) are that upgrades were made in the 40's and then in the late 80's.

          I also had the service updated to 200 amp when I bought the home six years ago. That required a new line in from the pole, upgrade in the meter, new panel and of course a swap over of all the wiring. At the time, the electrician looked everything over (that he could see) and made a couple of fixes. Since then, I've separated out a couple of circuits now providing independant circuits for the basement shop, laundry room, and the library.

          Question of course is whether you need an "inspection" and all of the upgrades, like arcfault breakers etc. I'm NOT an electrician, but according to mine (licensed Master), it's totally up to your local code/ municipal building codes department. While NEC requirements for ground fault breakers within so many feet of kitchen sinks, bathroom electrical, unfinished basements, garages, etc. are pretty much a no brainer, I am of the understanding that only new/modified areas of wiring are required to be inspected. I'd check with your local municipal code department to see... or I'd ask a trusted electrician.

          I took note that my electrician did bring in an inspector both before and after my service upgrade and did all the required pre-stuff before putting the new service into my garage (break-out from the house panel and new conduit, wiring, panel etc.) I also took note that he went to some extent of photograph everything, especially the depth of the trench, conduit bends and joints etc.

          He also knows and approves that I've run some of my own wiring, and he's looked it over. He also knows that I'm running new wiring for lights and tool service in the garage shop... other than some pointers, he hasn't told me that it needs his or anybody else's inspection, perhaps because he's already seen that I know what I'm doing. This guy is highly reputable, college degree'd, and Master certified.

          Again, I'd check with your local code requirements.

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            Re: Do I need an Electrical Inspection?

            If you are curious about what might happen if you don't get a permit, here is how it goes if played out 'by the book' in NJ.

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