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GU-24 lamps problem

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  • GU-24 lamps problem

    A company commissioned by the utility company came to my apartment complex and swapped out all of our patio and bathroom fixtures for fixtures with the new GU-24 bulbs. Those bulbs are supposed to last for 10,000 hours. The bulbs started to burn out after only 900 hours. Since they are guaranteed by the company, I've already returned 36 bulbs.

    Two patio fixtures also failed. I haven't returned them, but I did take one apart to test it. These fixtures have their own photocells in them. All of our patio lights are on a main photocell, so the company covered the lamps' photocells.

    What I did to the one I took apart was I removed the photocell and tested the lamp. It works fine.

    So, my question is: do you think that the photocells in the lamps, even though they're covered, could be causing the bulbs to burn out prematurely?

    Sidenote: The lights in the bathrooms work fine and are not burning out. They don't have photocells.

    Any input is greatly appreciated!! If you think the dual photocell setup is causing the bulbs to fail too soon, I'm thinking of disconnecting all the fixture photocells...
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    Re: GU-24 lamps problem

    I would not use florescent lamps in fixtures with photocells. Most cfl lamps are not compatible but some new ones are. It has to be labeled compatible. (but I would still not use them)

    The light from the cfl is at a similar wavelenth and affect the cell if located nearby.