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  • 15 Amp Power

    Hi All,

    I just have a query regarding my 15amp thicknesser. I am wanting to run it off my airconditioners power source. The Ac runs on 4100w cooling and 4350w heating, with a 15 amp fuse. What I've done is purchased a 15 amp extension cord run the female end to the thicknesser and simply plugged it in, and cut off the mail end exposing the blue/brown/greenyellow wire. I have opened up the inspection point of the Air Con and unscrewed the black red and greenyellow 2.5mm wires. These three are sheathed in white plastic insulation with two ridges on either side. Using what I think are called bluepoint connectors, the plastic things with 2 screws, I have attached the Earth to Earth, Blue to black, and brown to red. The fuze the AC is connected to is 4.5kA 240 volts and 50/60 Hz. Nothing else runs on that fuse. Just the air conditioner. In the inspection point itself there are 2 other wires which look smaller and are red and white. I have left them connected. I turned on the AC just to see what was functioning and it appears only the fan and the little display on the front of it are working. The actual heating and cooling doesn't work as expected. I don't care what is happening with the AC at all. Anyway the plug light doesn't turn on in my extension lead when I switch on the power at the fuse, and It hasn't worked at all to get my 15amp thicknesser working. I don't know why. When I first tried to connect it (with electrical tape) the light appeared on the plug for a while, but was very dim. Much dimmer then it aught to be, and when I plugged it into my thicknesser, it went out. What Am I doing wrong? I have wired up a couple of houses with a qualified electrician, so I have a very, very limited understanding of what I am doing but have no Idea why this won't work. My only guess is that It isn't drawing enough power to run. Could someone please shed some light on my predicament?

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    Re: 15 Amp Power

    City in Australia Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and the fifth-largest city in Australia. According to the 2011 census, Adelaide has a population of 1.23 million. The demonym "Adelaidean" is used in reference to the city and its residents. WikipediaPopulation: 1.263 million (2011)
    Area: 705 sq miles (1,827 kmĀ²)
    Founded: December 28, 1836
    I have no idea how things are done down under, the color codes appears different than USA standards, I do not know the voltages your dealing with so I can not comment on your problems,

    hope some of your locals can shed light on the situation.

    sounds like you may get a standard answer many are given here about electricity, hire a qualified person to help you.

    but If I was to guess, I would guess the voltages of the AC and the thickness planer may be diffrnet.
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      Re: 15 Amp Power

      Junctions on the appliances are not to be used as connections for other appliances. This is a clear violation on any electrical code. As is extension cords being used as permanent connections.

      You need a dedicated circuit with the proper power receptacle.

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        Re: 15 Amp Power

        I agree with the other, just hire an electrician. The piece of mind that everything is wired safe is well worth it.

        I'm not clear on Ausie wiring, but it sounds like you need single phase 240 that requires a neutral (blue) and active (brown) The AC probably only uses line,line (active, active)?