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2014 Nec afci

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  • 2014 Nec afci

    I remember my last code cycle class where it was discussed to afci protect DC circuits. Course I piped up and asked, " how the hell can arcfault breaker protect a circuit that doesnt have a sine wave?" I already know the answer, it can't. Yet it won't suprise me that leviton, GE, and sq D from trying anyway. It just scares me that it seems the nec is getting written more by marketers than engineers.

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    Re: 2014 Nec afci

    The arc itself creates a frequency that is detected. It does not need a sine wave to function. It is looking for noise in the KHZ range.
    As long as they are listed for DC, they should be fine.
    Look for UL 1699B functionality.