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Circuit Overload Device

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    Re: Circuit Overload Device

    i agree its better to have an audio device for tracing ckts.
    such as a radio or a buzzer.
    dead shorting a circuit is dangerous and degrades the life of the breaker
    do not use that method to test breakers
    shooting the s*** is a lot more fun when you use hollow points (much more splatter)

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      Re: Circuit Overload Device

      Run away very fast from whomever told you to use a short circuit to test
      a circuit breaker and it's associated wires! They are dangerous and have no skills in electricity period!

      As others have told you here use a radio, or light bulb, or buy and audible circuit tracer.

      The "switch a short circuit method" WILL stress the circuit and damage the breaker itself,
      possibly cause a fire within the wire runs where the insulation has weakened in the walls!!!,
      and you holding the switch may get badly shocked or burned! It may also damage any switches
      and outlets on that particular circuit.

      Be safe and use common never stick a screwdriver in an out let or use a metal knife
      to pull toast out of a toaster!

      Cactus Man