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  • Incandescent Alternatives

    Just had a thought as things have gotten very cold lately. Many here for years have burned an incandescent bulb near water sources i.e. pump houses to help keep things from freezing. They put off heat (inefficient light source) and are now being replaced because of it.

    Has often worked well. Now, what will the alternative be? Will there be an alternative "heat lamp" type still available?

    Or will only heat tape type products have to be used?


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    Re: Incandescent Alternatives

    there's good alternatives used in the poultry and reptile industries. both are ceramic based and emit only heat as the output. your local pet store would have the one for reptiles. it screws into a standard edison base. they have been around for many many years.

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      Re: Incandescent Alternatives

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        Re: Incandescent Alternatives

        In one of the European countries after light bulbs were banded, they started to sell heat globes that had the side effect that light was made as well, and looked a lot like the old light bulb,
        so may be some will introduce that amazing product here,

        Skirting EU law: The rebranding of incandescent bulbs as 'Heat Balls' | MNN - Mother Nature Network
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