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    Anyone have any experience with these humidity sensor activated bath fans made by Utilitech. I have a customer who insists that the blue light is supposed to turn red when the fan is on and that my guy broke it simply by connecting the vent to the top of it..... It seems to me like the switch turned off then on alternates it to a manual full power mode or the auto sensor mode.... Am I wrong?

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    Re: utilitech bath fan

    Originally posted by
    • Cycle switch on/off for humidity sensing and full-speed modes
    • Dual color LED indicator shows active mode
    • Motor adjusts speed based on humidity level
    • Unit motor automatically adjusts fan speed based on humidity level
    • Fan kicks on when humidity level reaches 60%
    • Fan turns off automatically when humidity level drops below 60%
    • Mounting hardware included
    ON indicates active mode...whatever that is.

    I think your customer is full of sh!t and he's looking for a free ride. If in fact the fan broke because of jostling from a vent install he should have spent more than $109 for a good fan.

    More fools that fall for buttons, lights, knobs, and whistles.... and they don't read the owner's manuals. these people p!ss me off.
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      Re: utilitech bath fan

      This is an idea I had many years ago. I thought about having the fan activated by rising humidity and also about
      using a flow switch connected to the shower valve or a sensor that detected flow to the shower head.

      I don't think its just bells and whistles, there is a practical side to it also.
      Having the fan run in auto reduces the time that inside air is exhausted so that helps reduce heating and cooling costs.

      Yes its easy for an adult to remember (most times) to turn the fan on and off, but kids and the elderly are another story.
      I've gone to an elderly friends house a couple times in the past year or so and noticed the fan on and when asked they
      said they must have left it on from when they showered hours ago so a lot of BTUs were pumped out of the house that winter day.
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        Re: utilitech bath fan

        Originally posted by Bob D. View Post
        I don't think its just bells and whistles,

        I meant the 'lights' part...

        ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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          Re: utilitech bath fan

          vibration sensor attached to the shower riser and pir sensor
          if no vidration and movement in the bathroon then fan shuts off
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