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1/2" sealtite fill capacity

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    Re: 1/2" sealtite fill capacity

    The temperature tomorrow is supposed to be in the teens, but as far as I know we have nothing planned so I will get out there take some pictures to post on this topic.

    All very good information and I'm glad you two have posted comments. Before I do any building or add any circuits, I want to make sure that everything is as it should be.




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      Re: 1/2" sealtite fill capacity

      Originally posted by johncameron View Post
      CWsmith, If your install was done a few years ago and there is more than one circuit ran to your detached garage; It should be 4 wire with an electrode and separate ground and neutral connections.

      Prior to 2008 nec (before 2011 or so) it was ok to run a 3 wire and keep the ground and neutrals together.

      When the snow clears, post a few pictures so theres no confusion about how you describing it.
      That's my condition too, house built in 87. Maybe that's how they got away with 1/2".
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