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Fuse on electric gate keeps blowing during bad weather

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  • Fuse on electric gate keeps blowing during bad weather


    I have a gate opener that blows fuses after an ice storm or power loss. It currently has a 250volt 3amp buss fuse round glass in it. I figured out what was happening today. My GFI tripped because I plugged something into that had a short. It is on the outside of the garage and ties into the gate. I reset the gfi, but the fuse had blown at the gate. I put a new fuse in it, but it blows the fuse when I turn gfi back on. This has happened several times over the years. I go through about 6 fuses before one will hold. I checked the amperage and it is only pulling .9 amps. It appears that resetting the Gfi is causing a surge and popping the fuse. My question is this. Is there a better 250 volt 3amp fuse? Would a blade style fuse be better? Thanks for all your help in advance. Fyi, it is a Viking gate opener.


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    Re: Fuse on electric gate keeps blowing during bad weather

    Do you have a battery back-up ?

    If you do could be one of your batteries has a dead short causing the fuse to blow.

    I would call tech support at Viking & ask them for help also.


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      Re: Fuse on electric gate keeps blowing during bad weather

      I do not think the resetting is the cause, it may be happening at the same time the power is restored, but my guess is there is another reason that causes the unit to blow at the resetting of the power,

      now I have no idea what that would be, but I really doubt if the voltage rating, has any thing to do with it,

      for some reason it is pulling over the amp rating, (my guess is some thing is building a charge, capacitor, battery or some thing else,) and it is pulling over the amps until that is satisfied. and once it is satisfied the fuse holds until the power is off and it discharges.

      I have an old pickup and most likely the belt is a little loose on the alternator and only has one belt where it is designed for two, but when I start it the belt will squeal as it starts to recharge the battery, after 30 seconds to a min or so, it will stop and be fine, as the alternator has charge up the battery enough to require less pull,

      I think they made a slow blow version, fuse for those glass tube fuse. that could take some monetary over load, usually what I have seen, the slow blow have a spring type wire in the fuse, the fast blow have the ribbon wire, the wire burns in to, and I think the sloblo/slow blow melt a touch of solder type material and take a short time to reach temp.

      IF it was mine I would try a slow blow or delay fuse,

      the picture is from 5 x 20mm GMA Style SB 3 AMP Fuse -

      I would most likely try a good automotive parts place then electronics supply, a good hard ware possibly, for finding them. the place I posted the picture is a electronics place,


      the only other thought is if you can change out the fuse with power on, is to put a heaver fuse in and apply power and then in half a min or so swap out to the correct size,
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        Re: Fuse on electric gate keeps blowing during bad weather

        Not enough information to deceiver what is going on.

        Likely moister is getting in somewhere causing overcurrnet, but just a guess.

        Make sure the fuse type is the same as well as the current. Example, it might need a slow blow 3a instead of a fast acting 3a fuse. (Like BHD said) Use only the specified type or you will fry the electronics.
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