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Daisy chain NEMA 6-50 outlets?

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  • Daisy chain NEMA 6-50 outlets?

    I have a singular in-finished-wall NEMA 6-50 outlet in a garage that gets sporadically used for a welder. Twenty feet away, I have an air compressor that uses that same receptacle with an extension cord. Trouble is, the air compressor gets daily use and I am tired of the extension cord on the ground. Can I just pick up a 4x4 box extender, extend the existing 6-50 outlet out to it, and run surface conduit over to where the compressor is and then install another NEMA 6-50R or does having two NEMA 6-50R's on a single 50amp circuit violate the code? The other option would to be install a new and additional 50 amp circuit from the panel in the garage (which would in turn allow the simultaneous use of the welder and compressor without tripping the 50 amp breaker), but that gets more complicated as the panel is in the finished wall too (and I can't think of a clean way to have conduit leave that panel).


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    i can see a 50 amp breaker on a welder. but i doubt your air compressor requires a 50 amp breaker. what size motor and what does it draw?

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      I think that house hold appliances are to be n Dedicated circuits, I would guess the welder manual would suggest a Dedicated circuit,

      Like rick said, I would question that the air compressor would need the 50 amp circuit, that would be close to a 15 hp at least 10 hp,

      not that it is a problem as the breaker is for wire protection, not machine protection, but most like a breaker closer to the machines rating as it then will work for some machine protection if necessary,

      I would think dedicated circuits would be better, (I may be wrong here but if the same welder was used in two locations I would not see a problem with extending the circuit, and daisy chaining off of it)
      but if one was doing some high amp welding and the AC kicked on , I could see some problems.

      is there room to pull additional wire in the existing conduit, and then surface run your conduit to the Air compressor?

      also your not a commercial building, and you have walls one could fish "romex" in the wall for the AC,

      ~~have the same receptacle rating and breaker matching, and wire size to support the amps,
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        The welder is a Hobart Handler 175. The name plate indicates a 19.5 amp 230 volt (max) draw. The air compressor is 7.5hp 230V unit with a name plate rating of 31 amps. I haven't put an ammeter on the cord to measure actual draw yet, but certainly could. Of course, even with the magnetic soft start on the compressor, other devices on that panel see a voltage dip (another reason to run with a shorter cord).
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