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  • CONTROL 4 remote home control system

    We have a job roughing a big house where they want a "CONTROL 4" system to control lighting. We have been told that we need to run a 2 wire home run for each and every switch leg. In other words for example when we rough the bathrooms that would have a fan, a vanity light, an over head light and a tub light that would be 4 separate 2 wire home run switch legs for just that bathroom. That would be 4 redundant neutrals on the same circuit. We are saying that why would it be a problem to run a 3 wire or a 4 wire cable to the first gang, then branch off with the next gang with a 3 wire or 2 wire to the next gang? This way we can cut down on the home runs and still have the switch legs we need. If have not seen anything in writing that explains why we could not do that. We can't seem to talk to anyone with enough knowledge to give any definite decision on if it is OK or not. We are no talking about a shared neutral 2 circuit here, we are simply talking about switch legs on the same circuit. Can anyone give me a definite answer? I say we can run a 14-4 or 14-3 homerun and split the switch legs as we hit the various loads. Thanks for any help

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    Who told you that was a requirement, the AHJ? If so he needs to cite a code reference as to where its a violation. I can not think of any article that would forbid this other than if it specifically says so in the control 4 instructions. As long as you have the associated neutral ran with the switchlegs I see no problem. It would suck to run a ton of 2wire circuits, you'll need to derate for ampacity for bundling or make Swiss cheese out of the top plate.
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      Thanks John. someone pointed me to the diagram of the control 4 panel. The diagram shows a place for each neutral on each switch leg coming back to the control 4 panel. To me it is redundant but the panel is looking for that neutral wire per load. I suppose you could just jumper the connections from each similar load inside the panel but what if something does not work right? As to who told me? We asked the flow voltage guy who is installing the panel and he said to run a 2 wire per switch leg. Then someone pointed me to the diagram of the panel showing each switch leg load coming back with a separate neutral I figured we had better do it If someone could assure me otherwise I would surely love to run 14-4 and use it to make 3 switch legs. Believe me.


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        Just because there is a place for each neutral does not make it a requirement to run separate circuits for each load. As you know, your not allowed to switch the neural anyway. The control board has relays which will switch the hot and switchleg. The neutral terminals are likely all tied together anyway.


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          I agree 100%


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            I know enough about them that if you are not familiar with them sub it out.

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              You must also know a lot about Qrokings background and skill set.