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    What size battery are you using and what's its condition?
    Verify you have the bulb screwed tightly in the socket.
    Verify you have the plastic cover installed correctly with the tab in place and the
    4 screws are tight...don't over torque or you'll strip the plastic...

    Make sure you are using a 9W or 10W LED bulb maximum or 60watt equivalent of an incandescent bulb.
    This will offer you around 815 lumens.

    I use the CREE [upc code]49665 02164 This has a plastic shatterproof dome and requires a bit of work to remove it.
    I paid around $6.00 for a box of two at Home Depot. 5000k daylight.

    I'm using either a 3 or 5AH rated battery and my run time is around 4-6 hours.

    Cactus Man