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Bench Grinder switch gone bad.

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  • Bench Grinder switch gone bad.

    I have a 1/2 hp Buffalo bench grinder and the switch just literally fell apart. I know Buffalo is a cheaper brand but it serves my purpose. Other than the switch going bad, there is nothing wrong with the grinder.
    I have never seen a witch like this. I believe it's a rocker type switch. On the inside there a 4 copper points, one in each corner of the small switch box. This is a push/pull switch, Pull for "on" and push for "off". There is a small flat piece of what appears to be plastic that has two copper "rockers" (I guess) that make contact. There is also two small springs that keep the switch in position. I can't figure out how these two springs go in. Also, there are 6 wires that attach in the back of the switch box 2 are together on one screw, 2 more are together on another and two singles on the two remaining screws. Can anyone help? I can't seem to locate a replacement switch on the Internet. I'm sure this one is outdated. What other type would you suggest?

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    just mount a toggle switch that is rated for the amperage and voltage, one may have drill a hole or make a plate to mount it on over the existing hole,

    I think I have a grinder that has a similar switch I know I would just replace it with a off the shelf machine toggle switch they also make push pull switchs that could be used if you like the push pull configuration,

    could even wire in a foot switch, with out much trouble, and by pass the original switch area.

    there current grinder,
    the manual for the current buffalo grinder,

    there number is BGUL 60003 for the switch,

    there contact info, at the page there is a link to email them,

    For customer service or warranty questions, please feel free to call, mail, fax or email us.
    Buffalo Corporation
    950 Hoff Road
    O'Fallon, Missouri 63366
    (636) 532-9888 Phone
    (636) 537-1055 Fax

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      If you had given us some numbers to work with we might have been able to help.
      I see BHD found some info but no confirmation from you that this is the model you have.

      What's the model number of the grinder?

      How about the switch, any part numbers on there? These numbers may not jive with what is in the manual parts list because they are the switch manufacturers part numbers not the grinder manufacturers part numbers.

      Give us some clear pics of the switch from various sides and maybe someone here will come up with something for you.

      Most times those switches are not unique to a piece of equipment like this bench grinder, its not cost effective for them to make a custom
      switch when they can buy ones that are being cranked out a few thousand a day and fit 50 or so different tools.

      Looking at the manual linked to in BHDs' post, that switch should be easy to find online.
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        As a followup for others: The Buffalo 8" . B-8CB grinder is a dual voltage grinder with a starter capacitor and it has 6 wires connected to a 4 contact switch. The "Jet BGS8-076" grinder switch that is used by the Buffalo b-8cb, Galaxy, Duracraft and TestRite grinders is no longer available. The good news is that there is a replacement switch from another manufacturer: "3030-9001 push pull switch for RDX grinders" from Wholesale Tool is a direct replacement. It has the same 4-screw contacts on the back and the same push-pull diamond pattern front plate. For those with a broken grinder- here are pictures of my buffalo with a broken switch. The pics show the wiring diagram for 110 and 220, and the proper wire connections for the 4 contacts.