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Genny on/off bonding switch?

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  • Genny on/off bonding switch?

    I have a portable Ridgid gen that is set up to power my house in an emergency. Interlock on service panel, 30 amp wired to outside inlet and can be powered by natural gas. All properly done permitted and inspected. Now, the crux of my post here- the floating bond. From what I understand the ground on the gen should be disconnected while running to the house. If not and standing alone the ground should be connected of course. The issue is that I dont want to keep taking the head cover off every time to work the ground/bond, that gets old, wears out the screws and requires me to remember if is/isnt connected. Not a big deal but I like things simple so I want to propose a few fixes. First is to maybe simply wire the ground/bond to an exterior switch (15/20/30 amp?) mounted on the gen frame. Second is a bit more "iffy". What if I disconnected the ground on the back of the inlet where the gen cord plugs into the house? This way the gens bond can always stay intact grounding itself AND allow me to plug directly into it while still connected to and running the house and the house is still grounded by its own panel to earth ground as usual. Seems counter-intuitive (and wrong lol) to remove that ground but I'd like to hear your thoughts on those ideas. Thanks in advance.