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Square-D whole house surge protection

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  • Square-D whole house surge protection

    I am a little confused here and can't seem to find answers easily on the internet.

    Schneider owns Square-D??????

    I see two models of surge protectors:

    HOM2175SB and QO2175SB

    Aside from price what are the differences between the two?
    The specifications seem identical...
    I'd prefer the model "made in USA" but some say heche en mexico

    I presently have the HOM2175SB in my 200amp Square-D panel.

    I would like to install another surge protector in my 240volt 60amp remote panel.
    Yes the remote panel does have an eight foot ground rod installed.

    The remote panel provides power for my workshop..table saw, 120v welder, etc.
    The lighting is on a separate circuit from the main panel.

    Do I actually need the second surge protector?
    What exactly is different between the two models?

    Please advise

    Cactus Man

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    Yes, Schneider owns SqD.
    I didn't look at specs but I assume the QO is for a QO panel.

    Do you need one at your sub? No.

    Imho, surge protection is best placed at point of use.

    That is, as near as possible to what your protecting. Such as placing a suppressor outlet directly behind your expensive TV or stereo system.

    The fact that most things in your shop are motor driven as opposed to sensitive electronics, hints that you'd probably be fine without it.


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      We have lots of blue haired ladies driving Cadillacs into power poles and during the
      "Monsoon" season lots of power outages, hic-cups, and lightning WOW!

      I do indeed have a myriad of surge protection devices on sensitive equipment.
      The whole house surge protector will cover the big stuff like the dryer, stove etc....

      We have had near field lightning hits here and it actually blew the protection fuses
      in my IEC surge protection devices for my Ham Radio gear..thus no gear was damaged!

      Cactus Man


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        Your lucky, even good suppression with a high joule rating is almost useless to a nearby strike.
        What few realize is that suppression utilizing metal oxide varistors (most common) must be replaced after experiencing spikes after a lighting storm.

        Movs will only protect once, even if that little green protection ok light is on.