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  • Q Bit ?

    Anyone ever used on of these bits on your JobMax or similar multifunction tool to cut drywall?

    If it works as well as in this video that's pretty cool and about the fastest way I have ever seen to
    cut an opening for a old work box in drywall.

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    Damn it! I had an idea for this years ago, but couldn't think up a way to do it... oh well


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      At $50 I will use something else


      • Bob D.
        Bob D. commented
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        Yeah, that's kinda steep for a HO or occasional use, but if you doing this all the time then maybe it's worth the price.
        You could blow $50 just in one or two cuts with any other method. Of course if you're not paying
        the bill and time is not an issue then you don't need this.

        I'm only brought it up because I was wondering of anyone here had used it and how well it worked.

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      I don't know, I think that's pretty neat for anyone who has got a few box installations or future remodel with drywall facing them. While $50 might seem a bit expensive, compared to the cost of most any multi-tool blade it really isn't out-of-line, IMO. (I know there are some guys who don't blink-an-eye at dropping that much on cigarettes and beer for month or maybe even the week.)

      In any case, thanks for the post,



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        For someone that does this everyday, it would be a huge time saver. I use to be a low-voltage tech, and for cutting out cut-in boxes, I definitely would drop the 50 bucks. Hell, a set of multi-tool blades are already 30-40 bucks anyway!


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          Haha CWS, we're both on the same page, posted nearly the same thing


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            Drywall, yes. Lathe and plaster no. Button board not very long.

            with the limited movement in a soft product, it looks fine. But when I was cutting in remodel boxes, they were rectangular with a wing cut at the top and bottom.

            phoebe it is


            • Bob D.
              Bob D. commented
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              I don't believe they claimed it would work for lathe and plaster or for anything other
              than drywall, so I don't see it as an issue. It works for what it was intended to do,
              at least they claim it does.

              So far no one has come forward and said they have used it. I don't know how long
              they have been available though. But a couple of you feel it has some value so that's

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            Reading the reviews it sounds like the hole is a little oversized.

            I'll just keep using a regular multi tool blade. Since you still have to locate studs to avoid them, I don't think it would save me much time.