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Looking for 2x2 LED Panel Lights

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  • Looking for 2x2 LED Panel Lights

    In my ham shack in the basement, I have 4 2x2 fluorescent troffers which I would like to replace. The lamps do not last that long it seems and the u-shaped tubes cost a little more than straight tubes do.

    So I am looking at LED panels and would like something dimmable. I have found a number of possibilities on Amazon and HD, but wondering if anyone has recently installed any and might have some insight on various makes/models. Be interested to hear what you might have to say about build quality, light output, etc. And if you got a dimmable version were there any hiccups with using that feature as I see many fixtures say they are dimmable but you need a 0-10v dimmer, not your standard dimmer switch. I have dimmers that are rated for LED, fluorescent, and incandescent lamps but I don't believe they will work so would then have to replace my dimmer also adding to the cost of the 'upgrade'.

    Which leads me to another question; do you consider this a real upgrade as far as finish product and the resulting light output(lumens), evenness of coverage, glare, color. I see many possibilities/combinations when looking at the wide selection, and I understand no two applications will be the same as far as requirements.

    Of importance to me is did your LED panels create any RFI/EMI? Since this is going in my ham shack I would like to keep the noise down and less interference with receivers and computers in the shack. I guess I should search the ARRL database for information on this last question.
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    Well that didn't take long to find.

    Some of you might find this second link of help when selecting
    fluorescent or LED fixtures for commercial or residential applications.
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    "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


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      You may want to visit E-bay as they have a very large offering of LED lamps..etc..
      Costco also carries a LED tube that fits a standard 4 foot florescent fixture with minimal modifications.
      I have never seen the LED replacement in a "U-tube" configuration.

      All Electronics, Circuit specialists, Electronic goldmine [Scottsdale AZ mail order only] LED Lights
      may have something you can use ....You may even try Amazon....

      Dimmers for LEDs may be a different challenge as I do not dim any LED lights. I suspect some brands may
      cause QRM on your received signals!

      Another option is to replace the old fixtures and install track lighting using the small R-20 size [I think]
      LED bulbs. They come in daylight and soft white and is equivalent to a 50W incandescent bulb.
      You can find nice track lighting at Lowe's.

      I have had excellent results using the Lowe's Sylvania brand...5000K [6W] and 3000K [8w]flood lights.
      and = a 50 watt bulb. 3000K=520 lumens 5000K=550 QRM is generated!

      I suspect Lowe's also carries the correct LED dimmer but when the LED is dimmed you may get some QRM
      or even hear buzzing...I do not know how well LED bulbs play with dimmers!

      I do not work for Lowe's and have had to return some of the Home Depot LED bulbs due to QRM generated.
      Also at Lowe's I get their 5% discount so it covers 1/2 of the sales tax ha ha ha

      Sadly any and all LED lamps are all made in china so even a name brand may have a noisy batch.

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        Look at and e-conolight.
        I did a quick search for 2x2 led troffer and many places popped up.
        Prices range from as low as about $50.00 and up!

        This is a sample from lightup: 2ft. x 2ft. Flat Panel LED - 40 Watt - Dimmable - DLC 4.2 Premium Approved - 5000 Lumens - LumeGen

        2ft. x 2ft. Flat Panel LED - 40 Watt - Dimmable - DLC 4.2 Premium Approved - 5000 Lumens - LumeGen

        2 Review(s) | Add Your Review

        SKU: LEDLFPN1000044054
        • Brand: LumeGen
        • Replaces: 2 Lamp Fluorescent Fixture
        • Watts: 40
        • Lumens: 5000
        • 125 lm/W
        • Dimmable: Yes (0-10V Dimmer Required)
        • Available in 4000K and 5000K
        • 50,000 Life Hours / 5 Year Warranty

        $50.00 $34.99

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          Several months ago while while searching for new LED fixtures I sort of stumbled on the the topic of RFI interference from light fixtures. It seemed that lower end fixtures are more prone to it but a very important component were the driver quality if you use a separate driver and that of the dimmer switch.

          I recently discarded the bookmarks I had regarding LED fixtures but there are several wiring options that can be used depending on the type of driver either fixed or separate, number of wires used and dimmer used.

          It got way to complicated for me reading about the drivers and wiring methods, reverse phase forward phase etc. interestingly some great products can be controlled by a BMS computer meant for high end settings.

          But one thing that was simple enough was to get a good dimmer, there are probably close to a hundred available and most manufacturers list which dimmers are suitable.

          Type RFI in Lutrons search bar and you'll get their recommendations.
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