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Installing homeline surgebreaker .

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  • Installing homeline surgebreaker .

    I believe I install directly after My Main breaker . Right ? new 200 Amp siemens Panel. Tanks Tool
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .

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    Install it close to the top of your panel as close to the 200amp master breaker if you can.
    It should if the correct unit simply replace two breaker spots.

    Cactus Man


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      On this panel the main breaker is on the bottom, THANK YOU

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    I was looking at doing the same thing, I've got a square d homeline panel and breakers. As Cactusman wrote, you install them as close as possible to the main breaker I suppose to protect the electrical system before the surge goes down stream.

    Having said that I changed my mind and decided against it after I read an article on pro's and cons. The jist of it was that if you live in lighting country it's a good idea, if you don't live in an area where lighting is common not so much. Out here it's very rare and I don't have any critical systems that aren't already protected by a surge arrestors.


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      Actually a surge protector is not only for lightening protection..If you're going to get a lightening hit
      no surge protector from Tripp- lite to Zero /surge to Brick wall or Surge X to a whole house in a circuit breaker
      panel will protect you!

      When the blue haired lady knocks down a power pole and the power company sends a power hic-cup AKA
      over voltage surge those above mention devices will-may be able to absorb and/or dissipate the over voltage surge!

      MOV types will tolerate some but then be destroyed and often your $15.00 MOV only surge outlet strip
      will either quit, the OK light will go off, and/or you will simply have a multi outlet extension cord without
      any protection for your devices.

      Think of it as a power spike when your air conditioner compressor starts up or other high demand powered device.
      Once running the demand is less .....

      Go to Zero surge and read their technical stuff....

      MOV surge protectors do help but are not the end all in power surge protection.

      Cactus Man
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        Great information cactusman, USA made, reasonable prices, between the case studies and the testimonials, they sold me on them.
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      Also, it's good to remember that MOVs do not last forever, their performance degrades over time, so don't think that surge strip you bought 10 years ago is going to protect you today. It may or may not, depends on how many times its been 'hit' already as well as age. They can also cause fires that most times are not attributed to the MOV which entered thermal runaway because there is nothing left of the surge protector to point to the source of the fire. I went through this years ago at a facility I was working at trying to explain that the MOVs they had installed on some control relays should be replaced each time the relay is replaced under a scheduled preventative maintenance program.
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        10-4, I didn't have a clue about this. I suppose it's like trying to explain the importance of regular inspections on fire sprinkler systems, eyes quickly start to glaze over. Very few "get it".

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      While this is a old thread, SQ D Homeline circuit breakers or accessories are not UL classified to be used in any competitive panel, & only UL listed to be used in a Homeline panel, just because it fits a competitive make does not mean it is fine to use it.