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licensed plumber member-needs advice to help son.

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  • licensed plumber member-needs advice to help son.

    Long story short. Son ( disabled) renting lower flat in 100 year old duplex. Section 8 inspector passed inspection 3 years ago when he moved in, 2 years ago with no changes to condition, then again last year with writing on wall like "beautiful mind" , 1 hole in the wall he punched-but passed. Now comes 9 violations to paint inside ( took 4 days other son but done) paint outside ( done) and either change the 3 prong wall outlets back to 2 wire or install ground. They have terminated paying rent until resolved and won't answer phone. I guess I need to know what to tell the landlord/builder who claims his electrician says its up to code due to being 100 year old grandfathered and all I read says different. So if landlord replaced old ungrounded 2 prongs with 3 prong outlets and did not put ground wire in does he have to change back to older style 2 prong to pass=Michigan or is inspecctor wrong? Motown

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    A coworker a few towns over was dinged for the same problem on his house. He ended up changing the 3 prongs all back to older 2 prong. It was a smaller house and he was done in a day.


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      where can you still find old school 2 prong outlets?


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    I no longer do ANY Section 8 because of this exact stupidity. I spent countless days putting in 2 prong outlets due to these morons who do nothing but waste government money. I had to go to the local "old guy" hardware store and order a bunch of 2-prong outlets. Only came in black.


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      I guess I don't understand "grandfathered".... To my interpretation, that means that if it's there from a time before the code, it's okay... but if you've touched it, like changing to 3-prong and the inspector see's it, then it has changed and cannot be changed back (changing it in any way takes it out of "grandfathered". NOT an electrician but I've done a lot of electrical wiring and have always passed with the inspectors.

      Why not just run have the job done right and if the landlord's electrician says it's okay, get the inspector or city code enforcement office give him a call.



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        There are a few vendors selling more or less the same brands. HD has them, 83 in current stock for $2.28 each.
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          I feel if it's possible, upgrade electrical when it's practical to include grounded wiring throughout. When my buddy was dinged on it, he was pretty annoyed as well. I was a little surprised at his attitude particularly since he was our electrical controls guy.

          You could make some outlets GFCI and still be in compliance but that starts to get expensive. A competant electrician will get you on track.



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            Why is this your problem?
            Tell the inspector to contact landlord so he can have a qualified person to correct the problem.

            If eviction notices are served, your son has a solid case for litigation.

            Electrician needs to do one of three things:
            1, Change receptacles back to 2 prong ungrounded which are readily available for purchase.
            2, Install equipment grounds back to service panel or rewire, which can be a big job.
            3, Replace with gfci receptacles without a ground.

            The grandfathering lapsed when he changed old outlets to new ones. If local inspector deems something as "life threatening" grandfathered rules dont apply.