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Ceiling llight install

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  • Ceiling llight install

    trying to change a ceiling fan with light kit to a new ceiling light. The wiring has 8 wires, 2 of each red, white and black plus 2 grounds. I? Confused and need instructions.

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    what does the directions say, or look it up on line from the manufacture,

    are these wires in the box or on the fan, your post is very confusing as to what the wires belong to and what your trying to hook up,

    may I suggest you get some one with electrical knowledge to help you,
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      If instructions are no help, post some pictures or sketch a diagram of where they go so we can better understand what you have.

      It's odd to me that a light fixture has both black and red wires comming out of it. All 8 wires come from this light fixture?


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        Does the original light fixture use a two way switch?
        If you can't answer then even as retired, to be safe listen to BHD and call an electrician.

        Sure it's easy if you know what you're doing but DEADLY if you don't..
        It's your call a 1 hour electrician's fee or a possible casket?

        If you are still stubborn at least tell us what brand the old fan is and what brand the
        new fan is and how old is your house...WAY WAY too many variables to arm chair troubleshoot

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        • Bob D.
          Bob D. commented
          Editing a comment
          Big Q to me is are the fan and light separate and controlled from their own wall switches or are they both turned on/off by the same wall switch (or switches if controlled from two locations).

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        Any chance you took a picture of the wiring before disassembling? If so, just reverse what you did.


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          Does this look light it?


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            you can follow the instruction of the manufacturer. and you also need to change the connection for new one


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              you have 2 situations here one is possibly a three-way switch or a double switched power circuit to control the fan and the light seperately.
              without actual photos of the switche and wiring its impossible to tell what you have.
              take the advice of an electrician and get an electrician to sort it out for you.
              electricity is nothing to mess with especially if you have little knowledge in it.
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