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    I'm a relatively new electrician in rural Ontario. I've been primarily buying my circuit breakers online from and but I'd like to cut down my shipping costs.

    I'm curious if anyone has solved this problem by buying breakers in bulk and if so, what breakers are you commonly stock piling.


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    I would think there would be a electrical supply somewhere up there,

    buying in bulk, or at least by the box, I would think even Home depot would be better than amazon,

    My SIL who is a master electrician, I think goes through two different supply houses in Wyoming and Idaho, and probably orders some things in, as well,

    I am not a electrician but most in our area prefer Square D products. is what I see.
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      Generally supply houses are competitive and the more material you buy the better price you can negotiate with the salesmen. Smaller shops struggle a little more because they don't buy larger volumes of material and they get the same price as everyone else.

      Bigger shops can get a little better price on material especially when you've got a larger project or group of smaller projects where you can commit enough to get more than a standard "contractor discount". Never hurts to speak with the supplyhouse salesmen.


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        I like pretty much any breaker except for SquareD. Their quality can be lacking.

        Find a local supply house where you will pay wholesale prices. Never buy retail unless you have to.

        Try MGM electrical supply if your near Thunder Bay.

        Don't pay Homedepot prices except for wire and cable where they can be competitive.

        Believe it or not, It is sometimes less expensive to buy a complete panel and harvest the individual breakers.


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          depending on how many different brands of panels you may see buying them in bulk may not be wise.
          if you want to stock a few of each to save a lot of running to the stores thats a better idea.
          usual sizes are 15 amp, 20 amp, 30 amp 45 amp and 50 amp, and occasionally 100 amp, and 200 amp mains (these its better to purchase as needed
          keep in mind the space needed in your van when stocking supplies so only get about 2 of each to start with until you see what you will use most.
          you may be servicing multiple brands of boxes that use drastically different breakers.
          so usually its just easier to inspect the box yourself and then go the the supply center to get the correct ones.
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            So satisfying. Thanks for the very good explanation.