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  • Spa Disconnect Switch

    I have a Connecticit Electric Spa-260 pannel with a manual pull disconnect. Like an idiot, I lost the handle and the model is discontinued. All help in finding another pull handle is sincerely appreciated. Thanks

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    I think you might be stuck. You'd have luck onto old new stock maybe on eBay or CL etcetera or chance onto an old disconnect.


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      Yes, definately a hen?s tooth but hoping someone has a handle on this.


      • Mightyservant
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        Pay a visit to your local supply house's and explain your situation to the salesman. He might have a lead on a smaller off the beaten path supply house that might have what you need. You can get a price on a disconnect while your there should worse come.

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      Thanks for your advice and insights. I decided to bite the bullet and have another disconnect installed. A bit shocked at the price but hopefully that will be the only shock i get. Again, many thanks.