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Old Wagner Electric motor

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  • Old Wagner Electric motor

    I am trying to get this old motor working and I can't figure out how to wire it.
    I don't know how the switch in the middle os supposed to work.

    If anyone has taken one apart and could help that would be great.


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    I would like to help but I do not have a clue,
    but since it is dual voltage there most like 4 wires that go to the windings, and depending on the voltage there either in series or parallel,
    being single phase, there is some kind of start winding, many times with a capacitor, that helps shift the phase some to help rotating the motor, many of the older motors used a centrifugal switch internal to kick out the start windings,
    my guess is some of the wires could go to capacitors

    If you go to google and type in wagner motor wiring diagram and do a image search,
    there are a number of pictures that are title wagner motors, (but most of the sites want one to sign up to read),
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