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  • Old topic with a new twist

    I was separating the grounds from the neutral bus after installing bonded ground busses in my 200 amp panel.
    I had most all of the grounds pulled out and was carefully feeding them to the new ground bus.
    I notice after several bites that one ground seemed to have a voltage on it.
    I pull out the Fluke and sure enough it has 38 VAC on it.
    I follow the black lead to the breaker and turned it off.
    I then started checking outlets in the house to determine which one was off.
    Well it turned out to be the GFI that fed the Fisher Paykel washer.
    I pull the electrical cord that connects the washer to the outlet.
    I returned to the panel and no more voltage.
    Now I am baffled, should that GFI have tripped? I replaced the GFI with a new one.
    No help, the ground was still there when the washer was plugged in.
    I made a rig the isolated the ground on the washer cord and checked the voltage to ground.
    It was still there.
    I called my buddy that owned a FP washer and had him check his washer.
    Well, guess what? His had 38 VAC on the ground also.
    Now I am wondering if others have this problem. I know where there is one other FP washer and tomorrow I will check it for grounding voltages.
    I would like to know if anyone has run across this in their daily work.
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    Aren't FP originally 240 volts. I know the older ones were.

    phoebe it is


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      A Gfci measures current, not voltage.
      If there's a more than about 6ma of current difference between line and neutral it should trip. If the washer has leakage current to ground it should trip the gfci breaker.

      It's possible you are reading 38v through capacitive coupling which doesn't have any significant current potential.
      Your meter reads voltage, that voltage could have a energy potential of delivering hundreds of amps, or merely harmless radio signals in the air.


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        John We are all so Lucky to have Your Wisdom And experience 0n this Forem. Sully

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        Thanks Sully, I'm thankful for you and the rest of the gang to bounce ideas off.