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Table Saw Tripping Circuit

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  • Table Saw Tripping Circuit

    Just bought the R4512 last week and finished setting it up. However when I went to test it, it only spun (weakly) for about 1.5 seconds before tripping the circuit. I tried one more time with the same result.

    It's a 120v 15amp circuit with nothing else on it. I even double checked it by plugging in my 15amp 120v mitre saw which ran without any issue. The R4512 is supposed to be 13amp 120v, so I can't see why it would be overloading the circuit.

    Any insight would be appreciated.
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    I don't have a table saw anywhere near that size, but I see by the product page that it's 13 amps, and I presume that is normal running current draw. It may well be pulling closer to 17 or 18 amps on startup and hence tripping the breaker. Do you know if this circuit is 14 or 12 gauge wiring? I suggest you try plugging into another circuit.

    I have a 11 amp Radial Arm Saw, and on my old garage 15-amp circuit (14 gauge wire) it would blow the fuse. Shortly thereafter I put in a new service, rewired the entire house with a circuit breaker panel and used 12 gauge wire on everything. The RAS ran perfectly fine then. (Note, I am NOT an electrician.)



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      Not sure on the wiring size, I'm going to guess 14 given how old the electrical is. I suspect you're right in that the 15amp is borderline at best (doesn't seem to be cutting it for the TS).

      I think I'm just going to get a new 20amp run to the workshop. I suspect even the tools I can run on the 15 will be happier.