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    I need some help if possible I need to replace breaker in my camper. The part that has me confused is the breaker that it blown is connect to another one. Will try to explain they are all 20 amps an the two outside ones are conected to each other with two inbetween them that are independant. Need to know what kind of breaker this is so can buy another.

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    Some info on the panel will be helpful. Look on the inside or the outside of the cover. There should be a manufacturer name and a model number. From they you can find compatible breakers. Post some photos that show this information and maybe we can help. I am guessing that it is a Square D panel by the little bit of a part number I can see. But it might also be a GE panel and breakers.

    I am not an electrician but I saw one yesterday so I'm qualified to answer this. Not really but I have twisted a couple wires together in my day.

    I'm looking at the wire size on those two outboard breakers and because the handles are tied together I'm thinking that is your main breaker. One breaker feeds each bus bar in the panel with 120V. So you could run up to 20A on each leg and not trip the main breaker. The two 20A breakers inboard each give you a 120V AC circuit independent of each other, one on each leg or phase. The third breaker below shares one of the phases with one of the two single breakers above, probably the one on the left in the photo. So even though it is a 20A breaker and the other breaker on that phase is also 20A combined they can not support a load of more than 20A or they could trip the main breaker.
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      Those are handle ties that are used to simultaneously turn off both breakers for a circuit that uses both legs of power (240v).

      The handle tie can usually be removed for disassembly and then reinstalled. The breaker will have its info mounted on its side but you may have trouble finding a replacement.

      I'd probably just replace the whole panel.


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        Have taken a few more pics i was mistaken the two on the outside that are connected are 40 amp and here is the info that is on the panel cover the sticker is torn up though.
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          Looks like maybe it's from ITE Imperial.

          That thing will be tough to find replacement breakers for, I doubt they are even out there.
          I didn't look but maybe ABB still makes breakers that will fit this panel.

          As John said replace it outright, you'll be much better off. And safer.
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            I had to search online but found it online now im wondering since the breaker blew an it is 40/20/20/40 can i jus bumb the new breaker up 10 amps on all for to allow for a better current the breaker is goin to 30 bucks and dont want to blow it again. So wld a 40/30/30/40 work better?


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              Sure you can do it but...... you just increased the maximum current 50 % higher that circuit is allowed ( 20 amp ) and could cause a fire..... bad idea... if your unable to find out the root cause of what causing the 20 amp breaker to trip than it would be a wise investment to hire a electrician who can.


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                Ok uea prob not a good idea to do that then i took the old breaker off and the 40 amp one with the main power coming in is the one that burned up. But it was also decades old.


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                  You need to call an a licensed electrician!!!
                  that panel is dangerous and you are on the edge of an electrical fire!

                  If you have homeowner's insurance and you do have an electrical fire they will
                  not cover the claim!

                  That panel needs to be replaced and a new one properly installed
                  including the proper building permits!

                  It's obvious you have no business poking around in there messing with
                  the old circuit breakers......

                  Be safe call a licensed professional and then you can come back here
                  another time and we won't hear of your home burning down!

                  Cactus Man