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535 for pvc coated rigid

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  • 535 for pvc coated rigid

    Will a 535 thread 2" pvc coated rigid? (will the jaws open enough and clamp. Or is the the OD to large for the machine to clamp)
    Thanks in advance

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    You mean like 2" Robroy? I doubt it, that stuff is pretty thick.
    I'm gonna guess the OD is about 2.5" It would be close if it did fit.

    The manual for the 535 just says 2" nominal for max capacity.
    It doesn't give the actual maximum capacity but that would
    depend also on the die used.

    Here's a cut sheet for PLASTI-BOND REDH2OT.

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      Fantastic...TY for the time and response!

    • Bob D.
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      You're welcome.

      But even if it did fit the jaws will chew into the coating severely and probably ruin it.
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