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    A neighbor has actually planted several castor plants around his yeard, they are ugly things for sure. Another neighbor uses the beans and ground up leaves from castor plants, he still has more moles than I do. which is a lot.

    I apparantly sold or gave away the battery i was going to use as its no longer in my possesion. So I split an extension cord and plugged it in to one of my outside outlets. I drove a few copper pipes into the ground along side the mole runs and connected the ends of the wire to the pipe via allegator clips before plugging the cord in. It always threw the breaker after about 15 seconds. Its very cold here right now so the ^&*^$#%^&*(&&%$%& moles might be too deep to have been killed but I will know when it warms up.

    Sorry Rick but it didn't make CNN. Didn't even get tickled. But if this didn't get them I am going to make jumpers from my 220v central air next time and use more pipe and drive the pipe deeper. I think i will set evrything up and then put some smoke bombes into a few of the tunnels to get them moving around before throwing the power then I will have a better chance of them running through an energized area. Didn't think of that until too late in the day.

    I think the very attractive young lady next to me thinks I have lost my flipping mind over this, of course she has a brother to take care of all of her yard problems. ( and he's losing to the varmits too )
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      plumber, how about steam? a little bit of heat might make the garden spring up early
      maybe a co2 tank full of gas? either the co2 will freeze em or the lack of oxygen will kill them

      do those sound machines work. the way they advertise them it should send a sound wave through the ground and drive them to your neighbors


      ps. you're still too easy on ecs
      phoebe it is


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        I went to ("Ask Jeeves") and searched for the question "How to rid yard of moles?" and I got several hits. Too many to list hear, but you might want to give that a try and then check some of them out. They do mention "sonic" devices, but one that I found interesting was a "castor oil" product.

        Regarding your attempt to electrocute the little pesks, I'm not surprised about the tripping of the circuit breaker. But, I think you would find the same thing happen if you just connected one pipe with the the black lead from your panel. The point being, that I don't think you are getting electric flow between your connections as much as you are just feeding a hot line to ground, which of course trips the breaker.

        Good luck on your project,



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          Those sonic vibrators work for about a week. After the rodents realize its not a predator they ignore it. Much like rubber snakes and fake owls discourage rabbits and squirrels for about a week then lose their effectiveness regardless how much they are moved.

          I'll only post this subject here while I am trying to electrocute them. If I have to resort to something else i'll put it in another forum on the bottom. Maybe, hopefully, I will figure out a way to make this work and patent it.

          regarding our flat rate buddy, I don't think we can have the same temperature of a conversation as you and I held last summer. The moderators are still a bit shy I think since they just released this new format and are hoping for more traffic. They closed a thread after that flat rate predator began preaching about a moral code. If I sat here and wrote my full and complete thoughts about his attitude my computer might be banned from the site. So i'll just let a little in at a time. I think most here probably share my opinion regarding the subject or at least most of it.
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            Thanks for the link. Most of those sites have seen my screen before but I will take them all under advisement again in case I have overlooked a possible solution.

            It seems a bit scary as I actually took a bit of pleasure at the thought of what I was trying to do Saturday. Cold as it was. Maybe when it warms I'll get lucky and find my plan worked.
            Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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              Plumber, before you commence with Phase 2 of your ill-hatched plan, ponder this:

              Why don't birds get electrocuted sitting on a wire? Because the voltage between their feet is very very small.

              If your moles feel it at all, I'd be suprised. If you don't kill anybody hooking 240V up to a grounding electrode, I'd be amazed. Please quit what you're doing and try something a bit more conventional, and a bit less deadly if you goof something very small up.

              A very experienced electrician would have a hard time predicting all the paths you're creating. As a plumber, there are probably some paths being created that you're unaware of, that could kill someone.

              Please stop while you're ahead.


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                i think the bird do not get zapped because they are not grounded

                and its not because there feet are very very small
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                  Rocky Mountain Sparky,

                  Of course you are absolutely correct. While I was careful to be sure no one was around when I energized the lines one never knows when a curious child might come running around the corner unexpectedly. And even though I'm 99% positive the extermination can be done safely this way, to accidently harm a child or worse just to rid my self of nusiance rodents would be something I could not live with.

                  I will keep my electicity in its proper place and reconsider other options again. Thanks.
                  Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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                    "Voltage between their feet is very very small"

                    Thanks for the laugh! I'm still laughing!



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                      And all this time I thought it was because they wore ANSI Approved Shock Resistant footwear
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                        And here I thought it was because of all the down "insulation".
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                          Originally posted by Gofor
                          And here I thought it was because of all the down "insulation".
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                            Plumber, have you heard of...

                            ... using Juicy Fruit chewing gum?

                            ... and when you stop rolling in the floor and laughing, let me explain that YES, I am serious and NO, I have not tried it myself but have heard from several people who "swear" by it, so in the "for what it is worth" category, it might have some value to it?? I dont know if you chew it first or simply stick in in the path for them to find. Seems like someone said it "gums" up their digestive system??

                            OK all you in the peanut gallery, have at it!

                            It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.


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                              Originally posted by EMT
                              "Voltage between their feet is very very small"

                              Thanks for the laugh! I'm still laughing!

                              Okay, there, stud. How about this?

                              The bird's feet do not complete a circuit. That much, the plumber figured out. However, the bird still constitutes a parallel conductor.

                              Since the feet are parallel to an ungrounded conductor, when you consider the resistance of the conductor versus the resistance of the bird, the resistance of the conductor is significantly lower than the resistance of the bird. Therefore, more of the current that the wire is conducting will travel through the wire than the bird.

                              There is some current flowing through the bird. There is some voltage difference between it's feet. It's miniscule, since the conductor's resistance is .0000189 ohms, whereas the bird is over a 1000 ohms. There is a voltage. It's just really really small.

                              So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


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                                This Is Rediculous

                                I Cant Fathom The Idea That A Knoledgeable Electrician
                                Or Anyone For That Matter Would Give Any Type Of Advice In Reguards To Something As Dangerous As This

                                This Is Just Plain Stupid


                                Does Anyone Here Know What They Are Talking About??